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Serbs in Canada


The first Serbs to arrive in Canada came to British Columbia and Alberta between 1850 and 1870. Many were employed in mining or forestry near such towns as Phoenix, Golden, Prince Rupert and Kamloops.

Coal mining attracted them to Lethbridge, while road construction was a source of employment for those in Cadomin near  Edmonton. 

Tradition may be seen as the offshoot of religious belief, while custom, if practiced for a long time, eventually becomes law. Even established traditions should not be taken at face value; one must be on guard to see that the offshoot does not strangle the tree from which it came into existence.
Besides its tradition and customs, the Serbian people have their religious as well as national holidays. The whole of their  lifes, as a people aare closely connected with these holidays. Renouncing or forgetting these days would be tantamount to renouncing one's ethnicity. All of this testifies to one thing, namely, that this way of life did not originate with our generation or with those some few generations before us; neither will it end with our generation. If nothing else, the positive customs and traditions which developed in the life of a people throughout history proves this point..
Vidovdan is the most important of Serbian national holidays. It is a holiday which holds all the content of Serbian history, preserving our past, present and future. Then there are the traditions and customs surrounding the festivities of Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost. Finally, let us also not forget Djurdjevdanski Uranak.
For the Serbian people of the Diaspora living today in all the major countries of the world, the Serbian Orthodox Church is the central place where Serbs may celebrate their holidays, thus preserving their faith, customs, and traditions.

Serbian community in Edmonton is big, estimating 6.000 people. We have amazing church, incredible Hall on 12904- 112 St. where Serbs celebrate all holidays, make parties, and rent Hall for special events. Amazing place for any kind of celebration. Just call and book event !  Your guests will be impressed! We are so proud to be part of Heritage festival where we can express our tradition and culture! Because,

Serbian community in Edmonton has so many activists. Besides the church, they have folk dance group "Opanak" who represent Serbian culture all over Canada and  United States. Serbian community also have a outstanding library with over thousands and thousands books, Serbian school Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj where every Friday kids practising native language, great soccer teams Serbian Eagles, so many times winners on Mini World Cup, community magazine Vidovdan which represent Serbian politics, culture, sports, art, etc...Circle of Serbian sisters Kosovka devojka are in charge for the excellent food for every single event.  Serbs have acting group, guys who perform and educate young people about Serbian tradition, and there is so many activities.


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Management of the CSO "Saint Sava" with its President Ljiljan Gavric appeal on all Serbs and all people of good will to financially assist the fresko  painting of the  

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