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Hall for rent

For all your occasions: weddings, baptisms, etc.. use our facilities.


For information about renting a hall, please contact Petar Jankovic:

(780) 456-1278
(780) 920-4262

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Every Sunday and holidays Divine Liturgy at 10:00 AM


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Management of the CSO "Saint Sava" calls on all people of good will to join and help your church with ideas, work and / or cash contributions. All initiatives related to culture, education, sport, entertainment and various activities will be welcome.


Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Canada

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Edmonton food bank help

During the month of February 2018. in the St. Sava church hall will be set up collection boxes of food aid for public kitchens in Edmonton.



Mount Putnik

On Saturday 29th September, 2012, the Ravna Gora Serbian Heritage Society unveiled this plaque to commemorate Vojvoda Putnik on a mountain named after him.

Mount Putnik is a mountain located north of Three Isle Creek and west of the Kananaskis River in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park Alberta, Canada. The mountain is named after the Serbian Field Marshal Radomir Putnik.

Mount Putnik is close to Calgary, Canada. It seems appropriate to have named a mountain after the man who spearheaded one of Serbia’s most traumatic and heroic episodes in history.  When WWI broke, Field Marshal Vojvoda Putnik, then 51 and suffering ill-health, offered his resignation to King Petar I of Serbia.  The king rejected the offer and Putnik lead Serbian victories against the Austro-Hungarian army driving it out by December 1914.


On the significant jubilee, the 150th anniversary of the existence of the Country of Canada, i.e. The signing of the Confederation on Sunday, July 2, 2017, in the extension of the St. Lliturgy in our church will be held Prayer for the God-protected Country of Canada on the Occasion of the 150th Anniversary




On Monday, July 10th, the Nikola Tesla Historical Society of Alberta is organizing a small celebration of the birth (161 years as he was born) of this prominent Serbian scientist and inventor.

If you have time and if you are interested, join us to celebrate the program as described in the attached poster below. If you intend to come, please contact us by phone at 780 437 6305 or via

All the best and see you,

attached poster

 Renting MOBILE STAGE 24’ x 24‘

Rent MOBILE STAGE 24’ x 24‘ we will deliver to your place inside or outside

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On Tuesday, October 24, 2017

two Serbian spruce were planted in the courtyard of St. Sava's church in Edmonton.

It has been used in landscape design since 1880. It is a coniferous tree-an evergreen that keeps its needles year-round. 

Serbian Spruce is a species of coniferous tree endemic to the Drina River valley in western Serbia and eastern Serbian Republic, with a total range of only about 60 ha, at 800–1,600 m (2,625–5,249 ft) altitude. It was originally discovered near the village of Zaovine on the Tara Mountain in 1875, and named by the Serbian botanist Josif Pancic.

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St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church     12904 112 St NW Edmonton,  AB T5E 6J1       Tel. 780-455-2147  

Serbian Days 2018


SATURDAY, June 2    

        12:00 Serbian Days Opening

12:00 Sport Activities Soccer, Tennis….

1:00 Multicultural Folk Dancing Performances

1:00 National Cuisine Specialties Roast Lamb & Grill, Сrêpes

12:00 - 6:00 Activities for children of all ages (bouncing castle, arts and crafts…)

7:00 Evening entertainment - live music

SUNDAY, June 3:       


10:00 Divine Liturgy
12:00  Continuation of Sport Activities (soccer finals)
12:00 National Cuisine Specialties Roast Lamb & Grill, Сrêpes
12:00 Multicultural Folk Dancing Performances
Entire Day – Live Music  

         1:00 - 5:00 Activities for children of all ages (face painting, clown, arts and crafts…)

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